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Dengue Alert (October 31, 2005)
The barangay officials planned to fight Dengue by "SEARCH AND DESTROY" the possible breeding places of Dengue mosquitos. They make use the declaration of the State of Calamity, they make a cash advance to purchase tools and materials for the clean up drive like rubber boots, spading fork, shovel, bolos, steel pushcarts, hand gloves, salt, medicines (paracetamols and emergency kits and others). All barangay officials, Brgy. Tanods, Gad, Brgy Staff, Brgy. Health Workers, street cleaners, Clean and Green group and Brgy. Lupon were divided into 3 groups headed by barangay officials

Synchronize General Assembly (October 18, 2003)

There are barangays selected to be the center of the teleconference in Luzon Region V (Naga) CAR (Baguio), Region IV (iloilo, Region VII (Cebu City), Region X (Cagayan de oro City) and Region XI (Davao City). In cebu City out of 80 barangays our barangay was selected as the center for the Teleconference by the Department of Interior and Local Government.

April 12, 2003 General Assembly

The barangay conducted Barangay General Assembly as mandated by the Local Govertnment code of the Philippines. A film showing was showed before the genera assembly proper. During the assembly each respective councilors reported the acccomlishments. One of the highlights was the Solid waste management. Objective is to reduce the volume of garbage to be thrown in the sanitay landfill. There were three groups organized by the chairman, and this is also the result of the LAKBAY ARAL in Dumaguete, Tanjay, and Bais, (Education, Beautification, Imlementors).

A quarterly newsletter was also give to the guests. A public hearing was also conducted by the committee chairman, Hon. Dave tumulak regarding the Collection ordinances for filing fee of cases, business clearances. There were reactors of hearing Mr. George Aglipa, Engr. Casul, and others.

The members of the assembly was also informed our plan that Real Tax payment this coming year, will be done at the barangay hall, a linkage of our computer system to City Hall server. The system is being set up by Johnny for the the hardware configuration and Fidel Buzon for the software.

A free email was also emphazised, and the answer will be printed and be delivered to thier doorstep.

Tbe assembly is considered a succesful one especially with the cooperation of the Barangay officials, tanods, staff and others.

Current Issues:

1. Peace and Order
Presently, there are about 5 to 6 reported snatching in the vicinity of our Barangay. We have had requested our Station 7 commander Supt. Natuel to assigned Police officer near the USJR and is being augmented by a barangay Tanod. All we need is the cooperation of the victim to file a case against the suspects. Stabbing is not reported here in our barangay and there is no blotter in our record book. All we need to do is to assign police and uniformed officer in the school vicinity.

2. Health, Environmental and Sanitation
We have two shifts of garbage collection evening and morning shift, 7pm to 3am and 3am to 10am respectively and there are closely monitored by the committee on health and sanitation. However, you as constituents, you should also do your part to report and educate your neighbor to throw your garbage on time. We also started the advocacy for waste segragation, please coordinate to the barangay office for detaile planning.
Dingy Scare - We are no. 2 of the dingy cases in the City of Cebu. In cooperation with the Department Heads of the City of Cebu so called CLUSTER FOR FRONTLINE SERVICES, conducted a whole day operation of the barangay. Cleaning, health and dental services, tree planting, feeding, ecg and blood sugar test. This has been done last March 1, 2003 and Dra. Manoloto spearheaded this project.

3. Infrastructure
This is to inform that there are ongoing infra projects headed by Hon. Leonita Nacorda like the ripprepping for different creeks and canals, and extention of our barangay hall refer again to the committee in charge.

4, Information Technology
We are very happy to inform that our barangay is the first barangay of Cebu City connected on line. Our direction is to train out of school youth for the information Technology. Should you need to email your families and friends you can use the facility of the barangay. Research for the information highway, again you can use the barangay internet access.


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  Budgetary Appropriation for 2005
Budgetary Appropriation for 2003
  Synchronize General Assembly
(October 18, 2003)
There are barangays selected to be the center of the teleconference
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  April 12, 2003 General Assembly
  The barangay conducted Barangay
General Assembly as mandated by the Local Govertnment code of the

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