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The barangay’s first name was “Pangutana”. Since the place was originally the home of military men, the residents were not permanent. Unlike today’s soldiers who are provided with houses for their families. And so it was always a practice for wives of these soldiers to inquire on whereabouts of their husbands. Inquiring on something means “Pangutana” in Cebuano. It was because of this practice that the place got first name “Pangutana”.

Later the situation had changed. These wives now wanted to be near to their husbands. To do this, the wives, and their children who were from far places had to migrate to Cebu and stayed near the camp. Their coming was noticeable as they arrived in hundreds. Thus, the name ‘Apas’ meaning to catch up or to be near came about. A portion of Barangay Apas is still within the military property. What separates the place from the camp is only the fence. The camp was later upgraded to a command called Visayas Command.

The place is also near the old Cebu City Port. This is where the Military Camp was situated, thus the wives of the Military Men will arrive at the main gate of the camp inquiring about the whereabouts of their husbands, thus the name PANGUTANA, and as the wives cope up with their husband, the name APAS was born. Pangutana identified the main gate of the camp while APAS identified the barracks and seven original communities and were generally accepted and officially adopted by the Barrio Council and residents. The names Pangutana and Apas are historically linked together; that one can exists alone and separately. Today the Military Camp is knows as Visayas Command (VISCOM).

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